Sunday, February 20, 2011

i am back in Malaysia!

Dear beautiful strangers,

I am writing this whilst running a clinic in one of the major hospitals in KL.
yes, for some of you who have read my blog before, yes, i have moved to KL.

i turned down the offer from Leeds UK hospital, and wahlaaa i am back in KL!
its been a year, and i had a hard time settling down, adjusting to new environment, new people, new job, new lifestyle...hence my silence in blogging.. sigh.

however, things got better. i am surviving. yeay!

i am currently a doctor in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur,
and part timely giving my service at a private hospital too.
busy, yes i am!

love life? non existent!

party life? not happening as much!

well.. i will update you guys on each of my interesting daily activity.
i wanted to write more in the clinic now, but patients seemed endless so far.


Dr Azzurri

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

first problems!

Dear beautiful strangers,

haha. my first day of re-blogging, i have encountered a new problem.
well you know, its been a year since i last did all this. or probably longer you see.

first question,
how do you add conversation as one of your gadgets?
i am talking abt the box on the side where your readers can leave comments and interact with each other

isnt there a gadget where you can know where your reader is individually,
something like 'live traffic feed' they used to call it

i am so blur on restarting this blog now
some help will be greatly appreciated, strangers!

Love you to tits,
Dr Azzurri

i am back strangers!

dear beautiful strangers,

still remember me?
my old blog was mydiaryforstrangerstoread.blogspot
i'm azzurri

i used to blog since 2008 until 2009, when i was working in the UK
then i stopped for a year
i had a few readers
i had a few friends

i stopped blogging temporarily for so many reasons which i will explain later
but now i am back
to write something in this diary of mine,
which hopefully will be read by yours

so first thing first
i wanna tag all my old blogger friends
we will see if they could still remember me

Love you to tits
Dr Azzurri